Contentment – I’m sure this is something we’ve all wished for at one stage or another in our lives. Yet it can feel like a huge, abstract, elusive concept. When I think of Contentment, it always reminds me of the poignant Jim Croce song “If I could Save Time in Read more…

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Happiness – a Destination – or a Journey?

“Happiness” –  a word that is bandied about countless times in a day, out loud and in our minds, during conversations, in the midst of disagreements or arguments, in our private lives and in the workplace. During my many years as a Life Coach, what I hear over and over again from so many of my clients is statements like– “I’ll be happy if I can only lose 10 kg, when I find my true love, when I get that work promotion, when I can buy that new home or car…………”   All the “if’s” and “when’s”! Does any of this sound familiar to you?
This brings me to ask: Is Happiness a destination? Or is Happiness a journey?

Let’s explore a bit more:

What is Happiness?

This is a question that man has grappled with since the beginning of time – and still today continues to ponder.


Vision Board

Vision Board

Create your Dream Life – Vision Board Workshop So, tell me, have you all had a chance to reflect on your accomplishments for 2018? What worked for you – and what didn’t? Has your list of 2018 New Years’ Resolutions got anything ticked off? Or does that guilty feeling of mild shame, maybe regret, Read more…

Word for 2019

Your WORD for 2019 is?

Your WORD for 2019 is? I bet all those of you following my Life Coaching blog and Facebook page thought I’d got lazy and stopped blogging and posting! Nah……….. not guilty! Instead of bombarding everyone on 1st January, as many other sites have done, I thought I’d give you all Read more…

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. A bush with such a sweet, heady fragrance when it is in full bloom.  This had me thinking about our lives.  Are you  just existing, trudging from one day to the next? Has life lost its bloom and scent of dynamic aliveness? When you reach that moment Read more…

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