Life Purpose:

What happens if you don’t have a clear vision of your “perfect life”? You can spend years aimlessly drifting, studying the wrong course or working in job in which you are utterly miserable, or in which you are battling to cope.  This leaves you feeling useless, stupid, frustrated and a failure. You waste huge amounts of time and money while straggling.

The Life Purpose Program will enable you to:

  • Take the shortest, most direct route to your success and happiness
  • Discover your true values
  • Find clarity on what really excites you and gives your life meaning
  • Explore the options open to you in your particular field/direction
  • Set applicable life goals
  • Define the steps necessary to accomplish these goals
  • Guide and support you when challenges and difficulties arise
  • Build confidence
  • Save you hours of frustration and wasted money

Make The Best Life You Can!


Almost 73% of professional, middle class South Africans experience financial stress. “If it was something else – if this was a disease – this would be an epidemic. If this was the flu, then 70% of South Africa said they’ve got the flu at the same time. (Moneyweb, 9 May 2017) Read more

If you constantly find yourself consumed with how much money you have (or don’t have) and how you’re going to keep a roof over your head, get to work, and possibly feed your family,  then you could certainly develop one of several stress-related health conditions. If these conditions go unnoticed or untreated it could even result in very serious, sometimes life-threatening illnesses.

Whether you are experiencing financial challenges, exploring alternatives to your current job, facing possible retrenchment or looming retirement, this Program will assist you to:

  • Take control of your financial situation
  • Assess your current financial status
  • Evaluate where you need to make changes or cut-backs
  • Look at effective ways of budgeting
  • Explore alternative employment options or starting you own business
  • Discover and get rid of limiting beliefs which are holding you back from financial abundance
  • Help you manage related stress and anxiety, prevent burnout and a total break-down

Take charge of your Financial Future!


Gone are the days of plentiful, life-long, safe employment. The global economy is constantly fluctuating, companies are merging and downsizing. Even highly educated graduates are no longer assured of finding a job. In these times of constant change, the career decisions you make can have a major impact, positive or negative, on the rest of your life. In companies, there is huge pressure on staff to perform, work long hours and meet targets and budgets. Interacting and coping with difficult work colleagues and bosses adds to the stress and strain, and can even cost you your job if not handled correctly.

I tailor my Career Program to suit your individual needs.  Please give me a call to discuss your requirements. Some areas we cover:

  • Career selection
  • Alternative career or own business options
  • Being unhappy and frustrated at work
  • Handling work stress effectively to prevent burnout and ill-health
  • How to handle difficult colleagues or bosses.
  • Surviving a change in financial circumstances (pay cuts, retrenchment, retirement)

Start Achieving Success Now!


Life is a constant Play of interaction between people – friends, family, romantic life partners, work colleagues, bosses.  Ineffective communication and misunderstandings, stonewalling , criticism, contempt and defensiveness can lead to all sorts of relationship difficulties and impasses. Even seemingly “good’ relationships need constant work to maintain. Break-ups can hit when you least expect them.

The Relationship Coaching program is adapted to help you master the skills necessary (inner reflection, effective communication, compassion, mutual consideration, respect, confidence and healthy self-image) to flourish, and/or emerge with dignity, respect and a smile from whatever relationship difficulty you may be experiencing:

  • Empty-nest Syndrome
  • Parent – child relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Romantic relationships
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Break-ups
  • Separation
  • Difficult friendships
  • Challenging work colleagues
  • Difficult bosses

Create Meaningful Relationships!


Without your health, you are nothing! Constant Anxiety and Stress eventually take their toll on you. Chronic and life-threatening diseases like cancer and fibromyalgia can be the result of prolonged, unmanaged stress. Depression and weight gain are frequently side effects of the stressful lives we live. Prolonged illness can result in depression, unhealthy weight fluctuations and ultimately cause one to have a very poor self- image.

The negative effects of this is felt in your relationships, impacts your work productivity and constant absenteeism can even lead to job loss and financial strain. It’s a vicious circle!

The Health Coaching Program helps you:

  • Discover and get rid of damaging and restricting negative beliefs
  • Identify and eradicate negative emotions
  • Learn how to effectively minimize and manage anxiety and stress
  • Overcome depression
  • Build and enhance your confidence
  • Clarify your true life values
  • Set realist and achievable goals (fitness, weight-loss etc)
  • Regain good health and fitness
  • Live a vibrant, fulfilling and happy life

Take Control Now!


Death is often one of those whispered or unmentionable topics. Western society particularly is conditioned to avoid discussion of death at all costs. Unfortunately, death is inevitable and brings with it a huge range of emotions – anger, grief, denial, depression. The shock of a cancer or terminal diagnosis can result in huge trauma, mental, emotional and physical. Patients and their families can feel overwhelmed, isolated and alone. People who have lost someone they love – parent, child, partner, friend, colleague or beloved pet, are left reeling from the loss and from the subsequent huge, gaping whole in their lives that their loved-one used to fill.

I have been a care-giver to terminally ill loved ones, lost friends and family to cancer and walked the journey with friends and colleagues who are now in remission. Although this has been mentally and emotionally challenging, and often draining, this has also given me huge insight into, and compassion and understanding for the challenges faced during this journey. I draw on this experience, in conjunction with my life coach training and skills, in order to help you and your family get through these incredibly dark and difficult times.

Get Support Today!

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