Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. A bush with such a sweet, heady fragrance when it is in full bloom.  This had me thinking about our lives.  Are you  just existing, trudging from one day to the next? Has life lost its bloom and scent of dynamic aliveness? When you reach that moment in your life, where a nagging feeling of discontent creeps in and a longing for something more, something better, begins playing in your thoughts, that is a clear sign that you need to take action. Sadly, many people reach this stage, and their critical self-talk tells them this sense of longing is just another silly daydream, stop it, and get on with life. And there goes that exquisite opportunity for change.

As you get older, you get bogged down by old, outdated beliefs. These are often as a result of casual, yet hurtful, comments that parents, family, teachers and friends made to you, or about you. Comments which you subconsciously took to be true, for the rest of your life: “you are stupid, you’ll never amount to anything in life”; “oh look, such a fat little girl”; “can’t you do anything right?”   Sounding familiar?

Unless you are able to clear these outdated beliefs, and let go of their toxic effects, your are probably not going to be able to realize your true worth, or achieve any of your dreams and goals. Consequently, life becomes that endless sea of drudgery, plodding through from one day to the next, feeling decidedly discontent and miserable.

Life Coaching gives you that opportunity to take action, to make a change and a fresh start in life. It enables you to get rid of these outdated beliefs and negative emotions like guilt, self-doubt, resentment, anger, fear, shame, hurt and sadness. Once you let go of this toxic debris, you feel lighter, and are able to think more clearly. Suddenly, as you gain new-found clarity about your trues desires, aspirations and goals, new, exciting opportunities pop up, seemingly from nowhere. That sense of discontent and longing gradually abates and instead, your dreams start to become your new reality!  YOUR life in full bloom, with the sweet heady fragrance of purpose, meaning, success and exquisite happiness!

Life Coaching helps you Today to heal your Yesterdays (past), so you can unleash your true potential and power, in order to experience more meaningful, brighter, happier Tomorrows!


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