Here you get to hear back from some of my past and current clients - who have, through their sessions with me, achieved or taken massive strides towards achieving their incredible potential!

Proof that everyone, no matter where they are in life, can benefit from the services of a life coach!

Tonight a dear friend and Mentor has reignited my fire. Be warned, I burn bright and brilliant once again! 
Crossroads Life Coaching
I want to thank you for your help - it has been invaluable to me. It has really helped me take multiple steps in the right direction and...I feel much less afraid and far less anxious. You are really, really good at your job and a great person.
Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. Wow, it kind of sounds like I'm going off to war but I feel very strongly about my time with you! 
Crossroads Life Coaching

Lara, thank you for the retirement coaching sessions. So many retirees think they have got it all together for the future and can deal with the challenges of retiring.

You helped me so much to re-assess where I'm at and plan a meaningful and purpose-filled future. I would highly recommend your coaching sessions.

Crossroads Life Coaching
Kathy Strehler

It was such a comforting experience chatting to Lara. She is a wonderfully calm and peaceful person, who takes genuine interest and shows concern for your wellbeing.
I have new tools to apply in my workspace and headspace to improve the quality of my life.
I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone!

Crossroads Life Coaching
I love you Lara... We have come quite a-ways with my Life Coaching.... It’s been 1 year this month.
Something tells me we still have a- ways to go... But Thank you - without you.. I would be a mess.
Crossroads Life Coaching
The sessions were informative and exciting. I must say, I’ve learnt a lot! I will apply these skills in everything I do. I have a better understanding of people.
I have become far more clear in communicating with others and I have also developed a personal way of communicating better with myself.
Everyone would benefit from Life Coaching as a form of self-development!
Crossroads Life Coaching
Milanca Pillay - President's Award Programme for Youth Empowerment
Lara, you have a natural gift to assist and support others in this way. I remember feeling very held and heard and those are tremendous gifts to offer another.
So, I am sure your current clients are experiencing the same!
Crossroads Life Coaching

Evening Lara,
Thank you so much for talking to me yesterday. It really helped me a lot! Today I was feeling much better -  it was the best day since my daughter passed away. I am so grateful thank you. 

Crossroads Life Coaching

The original goal that I wanted to achieve was to be able to move out of my current working environment into another one. A goal which featured later on in coaching was my subliminal desire to have a fulfilling personal  relationship.
My subliminal need was uncovered and brought to the fore and this has been a critical factor in moving me towards my original goal.
The outcome exceeded my expectation in terms of both goals!
I feel that Lara is a very able, balanced, compassionate and realistic life coach. She has the gift to be able to connect with people and to work with you by building a relationship of trust and mutual respect.
Life Coaching  has changed things dramatically on many levels. I have established a relationship that is fulfilling and it is this relationship that has given me the impetus to change other circumstances in my life. I am in the process of securing other employment which is going to provide me with further opportunities for growth and development.  On the whole mentally, emotionally and spiritually I am in a much better space.
I surprised myself by being willing to get involved with someone who on the surface did not look like a so- called good fit for me. I also surprised myself by learning to simply be in the relationship and letting it unfold without trying to look at it in terms of future. I have surprised myself by being able to overcome the feelings of loyalty I need to show to my current employment to realize that I need to be loyal to being true to myself and my needs and desires  so I can follow my heart.
Two major break- thru' s was the realization that my primary need was to work on my desire for a relationship first. The insight into the type of relationship that I wanted and the need to reject the then present people in my life who were not treating me with respect. The insights into the role my brother played in relation to my feeling trapped in my current employment situation was very profound.
I benefitted from the insights gained into what my primary and most pressing need was especially in view of the fact that it was not what I initially thought it was. I also benefitted from the insights into the reasons I felt stuck and unable to move forward in terms of employment.
Positive Outcomes: The strength to remove from my life the person/s that do not serve me and do not have my best interests at heart. The ability to work hard at a relationship in terms of not being afraid to be vulnerable and to open myself to trusting my partner. To come to the realization of the hard reality of relationships with the tools to work within those parameters instead of just throwing in the towel.

Lara is a skilled Life Coach who is committed to helping her clients to gain the insights that they need in order to move them forward out of the space they are in to one that is more desirable. She is adept at creating an environment of trust and mutual respect in the coaching sessions.  I can highly recommend her services to anyone who is in need of them. In fact, I have already recommended that some acquaintances employ her services.
Crossroads Life Coaching

I was stuck in a rut. I was working a job that I had been in for years and felt like I was getting nowhere. I wanted to leave my job and get into a new career that suited me better.
You spent a lot of time with me helping me to understand my real needs and then working on a plan of action to address them. You did a brilliant job 
The sessions were all conducted in a very professional manner, with clearly defined goals and expectations all addressed.
I came to understand that a drastic career change was not what I needed, just a new approach to my job. Thanks to the coaching I have an excellent balance between my “day job” and my Holistic Healing Practice.

You helped me gain the confidence to expand my offerings and gave me excellent advice and guidance that has helped me propel my Spiritual Training business to new heights. I am
calmer, and have found that my Holistic business is self-sufficient, this has helped me improve my financial situation immeasurably.
I have better boundaries and have gained new confidence in my abilities.
I took a leap into the unknown and tried something new. I had been struggling to do this for a long time.
My self-confidence has grown immeasurably, which has allowed me to teach subjects I was afraid to before.

Lara is confident and supportive, she has a way of helping you and guiding you that leaves you in no doubt that the endeavours will be successful.
The coaching outcome far exceeded my expectations. The value far outweighed the financial investment.

Thank-you your services helped me immeasurably.

Crossroads Life Coaching
Lara, you were there for me when the emotions were running high & the feelings raw, and for this I will be forever grateful.
Crossroads Life Coaching
Tersea Gouws

Since having done your complete Transformation Coaching Program, I wake up in the morning with a positive and happy mindset! I’ve cleared out stuff between me and my best friend, so we don’t fight anymore.
I’ve got rid of my self-doubt, my feeling of not being good enough, fear, frustration and sadness. I don’t have that in my life anymore.
People around me are happier and more positive in how they treat me and they are starting to notice my positivity.  My school marks have improved - I now feel motivated to study and I don’t have any more anxiety before a test/exam.
I can do anything I set myself to do, because there is nothing and no one who can stop me.

The parts of Life Coaching I enjoyed most:

  • Having someone to guide me and help me to get rid of the bad things
  • Flying (NLP Timeline technique) – it really helped me get rid of all the bad emotions and feelings in my life
  • My Happy Anchor – I can now get a happy feeling whenever I want
Crossroads Life Coaching
Kyla - Gr 11 Pupil
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