Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are crippling illnesses that steal your joy, fill your heart with fear, and oftentimes, stop you from having fulfilling relationships.
That lingering feeling of apprehension, constantly stalking you.
It’s vague – you just can’t put your finger on the exact cause of what is making you feel like this.

It’s paralyzing – you are drowning in self-doubt, too afraid to face your fears, so you rather distract yourself by vegging in front of the TV with another chocolate, your 5th one for today.
The idea of taking any form of action to alleviate your anxiety is way off the radar!

Unrelenting anxiety can eventually lead to fully-fledged depression and a total loss of interest in any hobbies, interests or work that you previously used to enjoy. This may ultimately cause you to alienate friends, romantic partners or break up your marriage, lose your job or sink into a pit of darkness where you seriously contemplate ending your life.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There IS Hope!

The benefits of working with a Life Coach:

  • Re-ignite your zest for life, engage in fulfilling friendships, relationships and work relationships
  • Get rid of your doubts and fears
  • Erase the deep-seated underlying beliefs that you are not good enough or not capable
  • See how your mood, energy and self – esteem improve
  • You are more hopeful and enthusiastic
  • Find and enjoy inner calm and stillness
  • You can set and achieve realistic goals for hobbies, sport, relationships and work
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