Create your Dream Life – Vision Board Workshop

So, tell me, have you all had a chance to reflect on your accomplishments for 2018? What worked for you – and what didn’t?
Has your list of 2018 New Years’ Resolutions got anything ticked off? Or does that guilty feeling of mild shame, maybe regret, come welling up when you look and it and realize that all those very good intentions were only that, just intentions, that never became reality?

Would you like this year to be very different – more focused and goal driven? What are you going to do differently in order for that to happen?

An excellent and fun way to kick off your year and start finding out what you truly desire and what elements of your life you would like to work on and achieve in, is by creating a Vision Board. Most people think of this as just cutting a few pictures out of a magazine and pasting them prettily onto a piece of cardboard. But, there is a far more effective way to create a Vision Board, by including and working with some very powerful life coaching techniques that take your Vision Board – and its outcomes – to a whole new level!

I’m excited to be running another
Create your Dream Life Vision Board Workshop on Saturday, 23rd February 2019.


For more details and to secure your seat, click here.







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