Thrive in the Midst of Change

The only certainty in life is – change! How you respond to the challenges and changes in your life will ultimately determine your success and happiness. My coaching programmes help YOU thrive in the midst of change!

Change, while often unsettling, has the potential to create wonderful opportunities in all aspects of your life. Learning how to work with, and utilize change to adapt and grow in your career, relationships and personal life is vital to your well-being.

Crossroads Life Programmes


A change in lifestyle caused by retirement or retrenchment, can lead to feelings of self-doubt or concern for the future. Crossroads Life Coaching assists you with a programme designed to help you make the most out of your golden years. 


Six Areas of Change

There are six key areas where we often experience change which can feel terrible if we’re not equipped to cope with it.

Working with a life coach during times of change will help you to:
  • Learn to recognize and understand the connection between change and personal growth
  • Discover your natural reaction to change and where you need to make adjustments in your behaviour patterns
  • Recognize the stages of life where change is likely to happen to you and prepare for them
  • Learn how to “let-go” so you can deal with change more effectively
  • Banish self-doubt, fear, guilt, anger, anxiety and hopelessness
  • Eliminate negative thinking and beliefs
  • Learn effective Goal Setting – and Achievement
  • Have a more positive outlook and stop dreading what’s around the corner in your life
  • Create a Self-Image wired for success and happiness

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