Some of the key programmes I offer, to help my clients manage change and manage success



As well as programmes for…

  • Finding your Life Purpose
  • Coping with Financial changes
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Health


Life Purpose:

The Life Purpose Programme will enable you to:

  • Take the shortest, most direct route to your success and happiness
  • Discover your true values
  • Find clarity on what really excites you and gives your life meaning
  • Explore the options open to you in your particular field/direction
  • Set applicable life goals
  • Define the steps necessary to accomplish these goals
  • Guide and support you when challenges and difficulties arise
  • Build your confidence
  • Save you hours of frustration and wasted money

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Whether you are experiencing financial challenges, exploring alternatives to your current job, facing possible retrenchment or looming retirement, this Program will assist you to:

  • Take control of your financial situation
  • Assess your current financial status
  • Evaluate where you need to make changes or cut-backs
  • Look at effective ways of budgeting
  • Explore alternative employment options or starting you own business
  • Discover and get rid of limiting beliefs which are holding you back from financial abundance
  • Help you manage related stress and anxiety, prevent burnout and a total break-down

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I tailor my Career Programme to suit your individual needs.  Please give me a call to discuss your requirements. Some areas we cover:

  • Career selection
  • Alternative career or own business options
  • Being unhappy and frustrated at work
  • Handling work stress effectively to prevent burnout and ill-health
  • How to handle difficult colleagues or bosses
  • Surviving a change in financial circumstances (pay cuts, retrenchment, retirement)

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The Relationship Coaching programme is adapted to help you master the skills necessary (inner reflection, effective communication, compassion, mutual consideration, respect, confidence and healthy self-image) to flourish in, and/or emerge with dignity, respect and a smile from whatever relationship difficulty you may be experiencing:

  • Empty-nest Syndrome
  • Parent – child relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Romantic relationships
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Break-ups
  • Separation
  • Difficult friendships
  • Challenging work colleagues
  • Difficult bosses

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The Health Coaching Programme helps you:

  • Discover and get rid of damaging and restricting negative beliefs
  • Identify and eradicate negative emotions
  • Learn how to effectively minimize and manage anxiety and stress
  • Overcome depression
  • Build and enhance your confidence
  • Clarify your true life values
  • Set realist and achievable goals (fitness, weight-loss etc)
  • Regain good health and fitness
  • Live a vibrant, fulfilling and happy life

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