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Date of Next Vision Board Workshop: TBA


One of the best ways to manifest what you really want in your life is to create a Vision Board.

This may conjure up a thought of simply cutting out pretty pictures and pasting them into a collage. Well, you can ditch that thought right now and throw that collage straight in the dustbin!

There is far more to creating an effective Vision Board than this.

(I will share these secrets with you during my next Create Your Dream Life Vision Board Workshop).

 It will be hosted at my Crossroads Life Coaching practice in Northcliff, Randburg.

This will be a full day immersion event, in order for you to:

  •  focus on your ideal life, core clarity and perfect outcomes.
  • learn the secrets of the Law of Attraction and
  • transform your visualizations into physical reality
  • make YOUR dreams come true
  • During this workshop I will also be sharing with you some powerful coaching tools that are vital to enhance the manifestation power of your Vision Board.

Due to the deep nature of the work, I limit this Workshop to only 10 Spaces.

If you would like to make your Dream Life come true, join my Waiting List Now!



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vision board workshop

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