Letting go of Loneliness

Join me for a chilled morning workshop during which we explore the 3 Simple Steps to Letting go of Loneliness.

Christmas and the Christmas holidays are just around the corner. Are you alone and dreading this season?
Your life does NOT have to be an inescapable, miserable pit of loneliness and despair!
During this relaxed morning workshop we explore the 3 essential steps to letting go of loneliness.
You will be amazed how applying these 3 simple steps will help you start living a more fulfilled, connected, warmer and happier life.

Who is this Workshop for:  All men and women aged 18 – 100!

There are many areas of your life where you may feel lonely:-
* you don’t have friends
* you don’t have a life partner
*you may feel very lonely in your workplace
* you may have recently been through a very emotional break-up or divorce
* perhaps a dear friend, parent, spouse or partner has passed away
* Empty Nest Syndrome – the kids have left  –  the house, and your life, feel very empty

Whatever the reason for your loneliness, this workshop is for you!

Seats are limited – please book early to avoid disappointment.

To book – Email: info@1lifecoach.co.za or call me 082 727 7617