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Healing through the Chakras - Crossroads Life Coaching

An exciting 8-week journey of self-discovery, healing & transformation.



Why should I sign up for this Course?

You know this “Healing through the Chakras” course is for you if you long to/for:

  • More balance in your life
  • Clear money blocks
  • Manifest your desires more easily
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Confidence
  • Increased ability to give and receive love
  • Communicate better
  • Feel more in touch with your intuition
  • Greater connection to source/spirit
  • A sense of calm and peace
  • Improved Health and Vitality

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How do we Heal through the Chakras?

For any healing to be effective, we should be always be cognisant of the mind –  body connection. The Chakra system originated in India, more than four thousand years ago. One of the essential values of the Chakra System of energy is that it maps onto both body and mind. When we know how to harness this energy, we can bring about amazing healing through the Chakras.

Too often, during periods of uncertainty, stress, difficulties, ill health and emotional distress, we look outward to other people , toxic chemicals and  “crutches” in search of an answer to a way out of our present predicament. Sadly, these outward solutions are prone to fail and disappoint us even further. They may fleetingly seem to help, only for us to find ourselves a few weeks or months later in the same old state of stress.

We are all made up of a physical body and an energetic body. When we learn how to work with the energy body and access the body’s own innate healing powers,  profound and lasting physical and emotional change can take place – healing through the Chakras.



What are the Chakras?




There is an invisible conduit of energy running from the top of you head to your tailbone. Along this pipe/conduit are 7 major doorways, or Chakras. Each Chakra can be thought of as a spinning disk of bioenergetic activity, which receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy. While the Chakras cannot be seen as a physical entity, they are evident in the patterns we manifest in our lives, the way we feel and think and the way we handle the situations that present in our lives.

Every Chakra is the seat of, or responsible for, a different set of emotions and state of being.

When all the Chakras are working optimally and are balanced, our lives, emotions and health are also optimal and balanced.

If any of the Chakras is blocked, under – or over – active, we find similar blockages and states of imbalance in our lives. These may manifest as ill health, stress, anxiety, sadness, lack of love, self-doubt, anger, resentment, feelings of not being good enough or being “stuck” in life.


Course Content:

In this course, we will use my unique combination of Life Coaching Modalities as well as Energy Work to identify the emotions and patterns which distress you. Each week we learn about a different Chakra and its associated emotions. Then we work through and release these emotions.

Week 1: Introduction to the Chakras

Week 2: Root Chakra – Survival

Week 3: Sacral Chakra – Emotions & Sexuality

Week 4: Solar Plexus Chakra – Personal Power

Week 5: Heart Chakra – Love

Week 6: Throat Chakra – Communication

Week 7: Brow Chakra  – Intuition

Week 8: Crown Chakra – Awareness, Life Purpose



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