You are free to Choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

A sobering thought…

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, you are faced with choices. While some may be more important than others, you are consistently exercising your decision-making abilities.

The option to choose is something that we no longer just value but now expect.

Norman Vincent Peale has this to say about the power of choice. “The greatest power we have is the power of choice. It is an actual fact, that if you have been groping under unhappiness, you can choose to be joyous, instead. And, by effort, lift yourself into joy. If you tend to be fearful, you can overcome that misery by choosing to have courage. The whole trend and the quality of anyone’s life is determined by the choices that are made”.

“Choosing” is the most important activity of your mind, because by making a choice, you are proclaiming your desires to your subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind gets to know your desires, it is going to do anything to manifest them in your life. The choices you make in your life become your goal. And, if you are sincere in pursuing them, there is no reason why you should not accomplish them.

Even though you are in the driver’s seat and utterly capable of deciding the best choice for yourself, it isn’t always easy and sometimes, for reasons that aren’t obvious at the time, you may make poor choices. A vicious of cycle of making bad choices can ruin your life and leave you feeling mentally, physically and emotionally drained.


Indecision, on the other hand, not only creates frustration and anxiety, but can also confuse the subconscious mind about what you want. But it is important that the choices you make are made by you, in accordance with your true desires, purposes and aptitude. A lot of us let others make choices for us, or make our choices according to what we think is ‘correct’, even if that means that we go against our wishes. What is right for someone else may not be right for you, and the way to know this is listening to what your heart says.

How to make good choices

  • Consider and be true to your values
  • Take time to consider all options
  • Consider your emotions
  • It’s ok to ask for advice
  • Look at the consequences from all perspectives
  • How will the choice affect you?
  • How will your choice affects others?
  • Trust your gut feeling
  • Set a suitable time limit for making the choice
  • Not making  a choice IS making a choice to do nothing


When to seek help with a Life Coach:

  • Are you struggling to make the right choices?
  • Do you put off making choices?
  • Do you find you are continually making the wrong choices?
  • Are you basing your choices only on what other people want or tell you?

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